● Development and production:
— equipment and tooling for manufacture, repair and testing of  pipeline valves;
— test rigs for blowout preventing and  oil/gas field equipment;
— pipeline construction and repair equipment;
— package systems for certification testing of gas vessels;
— information and control systems to support automatic operation of the equipment produced;
— special-purpose equipment for measuring leakage in pipeline valves;
— special and general purpose metrology equipment for measuring surface roughness and other metric parameters.
● Development of standards and process documentation for pipeline valve manufacture and repair:
— national standards, in-house standards, regulations, routing sheets, operation sheets, rout and operation charts;
— recommended practices and guidelines for assessing the feasibility of repair facility management.
● Research in valve manufacture processes, valve operation and repair, documenting the research data and further preparation of scientific and technical literature to be used for adequate improvement and modernization of production, as well as  for training and upgrading of specialists:
— monographs and technical reference handbooks of “Operation and repair of valves, pipelines and equipment” series.
● Package supply:
— pipeline valves that passed the in-plant hydraulic pressure tests and incoming inspection for strength and tightness;
— pumping, compressor and welding equipment which enables operation of the equipment produced;
— consumables and tools for the equipment produced.
● Backup services:
— installation on site, start-up and  commissioning works;
— consulting of maintenance staff on equipment operation;
— training and relevant certification of personnel;
— on-site assistance service.
All the products have been approved by the Federal Service for Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor) and allowed to be used at high-risk and extra hazardous industrial facilities.
The metrology products passed the certification tests and were registered in the State Register of approved measuring instruments allowed to be used in Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
The process equipment and instrumentation passed evaluation tests and are successfully operated by the leading companies like Gazprom, Rosneft, Rusneft, TNK, Lukoil, Tatneft, Atomenergoremont, and many others.